We have a wide range of spiritual techniques, trainings and attunements for all people. We believe that spirituality or better say our awareness of true self is the only way to live a life of purpose. We can help you achieve just that. Our sessions are conducted by email, over the phone and by face to face.

Our spiritual sessions can be combined with Coaching and Healing, tailored specifically for each individual’s circumstance. We cover:

Spiritual Coaching

Help to live each day purposefully – with a focus of good for the good of all.


Restore inner relationship with ourselves and others. All the relationships in our lives are mainly reflection of our inner relationship

Marriage, and sex Disconnection

Reconnect the flame between two attached souls – awaken the Sex drive in the relationship

Mother and child Healing

Reconnect to your inner child (mother) and restore the relationship with your own child with unconditional love.

Cord Detachment Healing

Disconnect yourself from your parents or ancestors’ aura and conditions energetically.

Womb Healing

Release the energy of abuse and negative sexual experiences – negative relationships and broken hearted experiences.

Grief Healing

Release the feeling of resentment and open space to forgive and let go. It is particularly beneficial for people going through a divorce or dealing with a loss of a loved one.

Finances – Business – and career

Release fears around money – open space to receive abundant opportunities and increase income.


A complete union of the mind body and soul – This is tailored for people suffering from any physical and mental conditions – remember that coaching and healing are not intended to cure to any conditions, first you must seek medical advice.

Body Weight Healing

Bring awareness to the body – communicate to yourself from a soul perspective and start losing the weight faster

Psychic Readings

Find out the real source of each problem, analysing past and present – and vision on the future.

Your spirit has been knocking the door – sending you messages that you have ignored and certain situations still occurring in your life mystically –  search no further.

We do not sugar-coat. Be ready to hear the truth and only the truth.