Amazing transformation!!!

I was going through a rough patch when a close relative introduced me to Marie and I’m so glad I followed through. After meeting her, my whole life went through an amazing spiritual healing from very depressed to a new level of confidence and positivity.
Being a happy woman now, my heart opens everyday more and more and I feel a distinct difference in my life and inner energy.
She is very motivating and a very experienced spiritual coach, and I can say boldly that the service I got was much more than my money’s worth. I am so grateful!





For a long time, I struggled to balance my life and business. My life was a big mess. Everything was in a state of complete chaos. I tried everything to change it to no avail. I was at the verge of giving up on my life till I stumbled upon Run Your World by Marie Paula

I was coached on how to turn my fortune around build a more productive, balanced, peaceful as well as more profitable life. And my life transformed for the better. I’ve never achieved so much in so little a time in business as I have since this journey of peace started.

If you are looking for way to reverse your fortune or simply a spiritual healer, I will suggest you visit her website http://runyourworld.uk/ .She offers a one on one coaching approach and also offers phone/email consultations.

You want to be fulfilled? Please check her out.


I had my first healing session with Marie Paula and cannot begin to tell you how amazing it was! The entire experience was so uplifting. I left feeling positive, strong and most importantly, peaceful.  In my final message I found exactly what I needed to hear to help me through the obstacles I have been dealing with.  I will carry this experience in my heart and know that things will only get better.
Thank you so much, Marie Paula!


Thanks to Marie for helping me out on my relationships, I have been an introvert for many years and it has led me to loose many friends and loved ones. Getting into this was what I don’t know how, but getting out was through Marie Pauline relationship coaching. She thought me what I need to do, how to reason with my inner mind, connecting my physical mind with my inner man and this has really helped me out in my daily relationship behaviors recently. Thanks!

Sarah K.


Sex has become uninterested in my home recently, and the flare of the first love we shared has gone down the drain. I know this is a problem that can put my family in jeopardy, yet we don’t know how to solve. I got to know of runyourworld.uk while surfing the internet and everything is history. Our first love is back, the passion, the sex drive, touches and interactions all look perfect now. Thanks to your marriage and sex disconnection coaching. Kudos!

Sharon D.


Healing of grief is what I cannot fix by myself because I am emotional, I lost my father nine months ago and it was as if the world has left me alone, while I was getting over it I received a call that my mother has passed away with just four months I have lost two people that matters to me in life. I was devastated, lost my thought, my mind and almost lost my life, because along the line suicide was kept knocking on my mind. Thanks to Marie for the grief healing course. I am perfectly okay, I can now think straight without thinking of my loss. Welldone!

Kyle S.


Thanks for coming to my aid; I have been facing some problem recently that needed to be attended to. I have tried some guys; palm readers, soothsayers and some spiritualists but nothing was done to my problem. Getting to know your website has helped me to know the source of my problem, how to solve it and the way forward. I have told many of my friends that are facing same challenge about you. Fantastic job you are doing.

Sam A.


I have been facing some abuses from my boyfriend lately which was due to the new friends he just got to know lately. I have become an object of ridicule; he now carries girls around unlike before. I was devastated, emotionally down and lost my mind. Thanks to Marie, she got me back on my feet’s; I can now get my life back and moves on. Bravo!

Joan M.


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