We live in a beautiful world filled with magical opportunities open to all living creatures.

Every day in every way, we are challenged to be empowered, in order to be an inspiration to the world.

You have a voice that speaks louder than you –  the voice that lies in the centre of your heart –

Vulnerable and Powerful.

To hear and speak the words of the heart – you must put an end to searching and begin to listen – and become a Witness to your thoughts, actions and experiences.

Run Your World is the concept of truth –

The place where we give “pain, mistake, doubt and fear” a Voice just the way we express “joy, love, creativity and abundance” – It is the ultimate Freedom Of Expression.

We were created into beings so we can find love, happiness and abundance through adversity – based on Intuitive Guidance.

We are living in a time of great change, so many people are questioning the meaning and purpose of life. But remember Change Makes Change and Change can only Materialise by Change.

You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. There is nothing about you that needs to be fixed. The understanding of your answers, and the courage to act on those answers, are within you. It is my honour to create a safe, accepting and supportive structure for your exploration to connect to your own inner warrior.

You are here mainly to discover how to turn your Fears into Power effortlessly.

But first and foremost, you must: RecogniseAcceptDecide and Allow.

My question is how do you feel today? right here right now?

  • Are you feeling stuck confused and depressed? guess what you are not alone.
  • Are you feeling like you are missing out on life? you are actually invited to take advantage of it.
  • Are you feeling stuck, not knowing which way to go? stop searching for the right way and follow your way.
  • Are you feeling unworthy and useless? stop measuring your self worth on the scale of your living conditions, and start appreciating your uniqueness for just being here and alive.
  • Are you feeling unsettled, unsatisfied and undecided? your answer is simple, get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Don’t be a stranger, a problem becomes the solution when it is shared.

I am Marie Paula,

Spiritual and NLP Life Skills Coach,

Relationship TA practitioner,

Intuitive medium,


I am disposed to help you understand your fears and turn them into a land of unconditional love towards yourself and the world around you.

You were born for a special purpose which contributes to a better world. You can achieve anything only if you are open to see and accept both sides of the golden coin.