Happy New Moon




We have all been through some pretty intense times recently with the change that comes with the month of September.

In many ways the past few weeks have been about us reconnecting and nurturing ourselves. The angels were very supportive sending us a very clear message this month about stepping back into our power. You can read more on my Angels message Blog.

Luckily, the new moon is in full harmony with the Angels’message this month, with the cosmic shift in energy today leading us into a different direction. The new moon is accurately in Virgo who wants us to be nurturing ourselves and looking at our health and well-being.

The Virgo moon is a conventional nurse and makes an amazing healer, but only if we look after ourselves first. Unfortunately, many of us don’t. So from now, erase all excuses and let’s get healthier with the amazing advantages of JUICING and GREEN LIVING.

For centuries, it has been scientifically proven that juicing fruits and especially vegetables have many powerful health benefits – most importantly juicing is the easiest and most effective remedy to prevent and reverse many illnesses.

Nowadays we barely have the time to face ourselves in the mirror, always rushing from one direction to the other, juicing is an effective way to guarantee your daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables.

Including many life-enhancing health benefits, Juicing is a faster and more efficient way to absorb all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables – It provides a way to access digestive enzymes typically accumulated in the fibre pattern of whole fruits and vegetables without having to waste the nutrients in the toilet.

It even gets smarter with ORGANIFI GREEN JUICE, there is no need to purchase expensive juicers or blenders, no need for shopping for fruits and vegetables, and no clean up – the hard work is already made for you and it’s filled with powerful advantages.

Here are the main reasons why everyone should incorporate ORGANIFI GREEN JUICE into their optimal health regime:

1. Organifi Green Juice is infused with 11 of the world’s greatest ingredients scientifically designed to nourish the body with vital nutrients without the need to change your daily routine. To Find out more about the ingredients please CLICK HERE

2. It promotes natural weight loss – It helps fully detoxify the body and also stops sending messages to the brain that enable cravings for particular foods especially sweets and processed foods as the body gets loading with all the vitamins and minerals it needs from juicing. Thus, you start to naturally lose weight often quite quickly without the feeling of deprivation or dieting.

3. It boosts the immune system – loaded with nature’s most powerful superfoods, as well as vitamins and minerals to supercharge and revitalise your body.

4. It helps balance hormones – by feeding the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs, reduces stress and frustration and helps regulate our metabolism.

5. It allows mental clarity – by drinking Organifi Green Juice, you are boosting your body with incredible energy which allows better focus and increases BRAIN POWER.

6. Organifi Green Juice also promotes glowing, healthier and younger looking skin, hair and nails.

7.  Most importantly Organifi Green Juice improves your health – By drinking Organifi Green Juice daily, you can prevent many illnesses.

So before you decide to change the world with the amazing contribution of being your authentic self, take care of your health and try ORGANIFI GREEN JUICE today.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Everything is time and energy, Organifi Green Juice saves you time and boots your energy which gives you the clarity you need to strive.

Remember your HEALTH is your WEALTH, give yourself full permission to restore your health, and your body will thank you.

I am wishing you all the best in becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Last but not least – always love and honour yourself, through this process you are

loving and honouring the world around you and making a difference.

Take care for now and make laughter your hello and goodbye.

Marie Paula
Intuitive psychic – Angel Channeller
Writer – Author
Coach – Healer