Angels’ Message for September




The month of September is one of the new beginnings – the first week we ultimately wave goodbye sunshine and hello chills, rains and cold.

Not only the weather reminds us of change, the kids are back to school and most carers, guardians and parents are back to work. Change is everywhere and unmissable.

Some of us may be faced with change on more personal and deeper levels. The time now is perhaps our opportunity to open new doors and allow new blessings into our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

However, it can be extremely challenging to close old doors and recondition ourselves to align with the new direction. Be rest assured that there is nothing to fear as the angels are all around us, at all times waiting for our permission to guide and support each and every one of us to reach our soul’s greatest potential and live the life we are meant for, filled with ultimate joy, unconditional love, financial abundance and empowerment. Yes, this is the life that we all deserve and it is waiting for us.

The universal message this month is very personal and direct as the angels are asking us to reflect on ourselves and our personal relationships.

This is also very powerful as the angels picked the cards in a particular order and they speak for themselves. As you connect to the message in each card, you have nothing to fear or nothing to be ashamed of as you are already supported by the angels and this is why you have come across this page today.

Be thankful that your prayers have been answered and you have a direct map on what you need to do to reach your heart’s desire.

The angels are very consistent in their answers and they always make sure you understand their message by sending clear and direct messages through people or situations, doubt not.

PS: The cards are Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Cards 



This card comes to you to validate what you already know; it is time to let go of addictive behaviours including destructive patterns, compulsive behaviours, toxic relationships and unhealthful cravings, as they are interfering with your health, happiness and life purpose.

The angels are asking you to be very honest with yourself, and admit that these addictions are wasting your time destroying your energy and confidence and blocking the answers to your prayers.

You have the angels support through every step of the way but it begins with your making a clear decision to let the addiction(addictions) go.

Weigh the pluses and minuses of the addictive behaviour and when you are emotionally ready to release it “call upon Archangel Raphael”.


This card comes to you as an intuitive validation for your angels as you may have been triggered lately to be more healthy and organic. The angels ask you to honour your body and spiritual path by only ingesting high vibrating foods and beverages. As we all know the body is the garden of the soul and the law of attraction has guided you to consume items that mirror your spiritual path. As you eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, you’ll experience greater psychic clarity as well as an increased sensitivity to energy.  Call upon the angels for assistance to adjust your appetite and cravings so that this new dietary change is pleasant, in addition, the angels can help you afford the cost of organic foods.




This card comes to you as your angels’ reassurance of the positive qualities within your gift of sensitivity. You may have been teased or felt bad about your sensitivity, but you have to trust your intuition as you accurately know and right whether or not a new acquaintance is trustworthy.

Don’t allow others to sway you trying to convince you with their rhetoric.  Anchor deep within for validation of what Spirit speaks to you and trust that you hear it and trust that you can depend on it – if others are angry or even abusive in their language, don’t respond in kind.  Let them go.  You are on a path that is not theirs and while it’s painful for a little while, it is worse to forsake what you, yourself know, exchanging it for what others demand.The angels are working with you to trust your intuition.




I hope you have found your answers and gained some clarity through the angels’ message today. There is nothing to doubt as you are guided to trust that you are actually on the right path. Although you are invited to make some drastic decisions and take action without delay, thankfully you have the beautiful angels here to help and support you on the path. You have nothing to fear as you are not alone.

Be thankful for the message today and any questions/assistance you need, call upon the angels. Remember you do not need to believe in them in order for them to help you. All you need to do is just ask and they will answer.

I am wishing all the best in becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Last but not least – always love and honour yourself, through this process you are loving and honouring the world around you and making a difference.

Take care for now and make laughter your hello and goodbye.

Marie Paula 

Intuitive psychic – Angel Channeller  

Writer – Author 

Coach – Healer